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Celedonio Gran Malbec was born in the year of the Bicentenary Anniversary of the Revolution that initiated in Argentina the process of liberation from the Spanish Crown. It was conceived as a tribute to the men and women who have built the Independence and Democracy, with the commitment of making it even more plural.

The iconic wine of Bodega Margot was born on May 18th, 2010 [the National Cockade Day] labeling 2,010 numerated bottles of a Gran Malbec wine Harvest 2006. The bottles included a light blue and white ribbon on their neck to commemorate this patriotic day.

At the top of the bottle, a filleted-style foil -very typical from Buenos Aires- follows a conceptual line of rooting in the Argentine identity which is observed in all of our products. The label includes the rising May Sun in light blue color and its reliefs remind us of the famous repousse works of our national metalwork.

Its name, Celedonio, is a tribute to ‘Celedonio Esteban Flores’, creator of the ‘Margot’ and ‘Mano a Mano’ Tango songs, the highest success of Carlos Gardel in his entire professional career.

Celedonio Flores was a boxer champion and a magnificent poet, a pioneer in the Tango poetry, in that singular way of viewing life from behind the rain in Buenos Aires: the bars, the nostalgic, the social criticism, a suffering proclaim of the social inequalities that rule the country during the days of the First Centenary Anniversary of the Revolution (1910).

As a tribute of pioneers who have built the Argentine Nation we have created Celedonio, a symbol of the Argentine identity.